Our Harmonic F1x® inspection systems enable fabs to improve yield by detecting Non-Visual Defects (NVD) optically.  These include surface and buried metallic and organic contamination, as well as other yield-killing non-uniformities that cannot be seen by other in-line tools.

Whether you’re in a high-volume, advanced fab, in pilot production, development or a research lab, there’s a Harmonic F1x® tool that will enable you to improve yield and increase fab profitability.


The Harmonic F1x® uses Time Dependent Electric Field Induced Optical Second Harmonic Generation (SHG).

The technique is a nondestructive, contactless, optical characterization method for characterizing surfaces, interfaces, thin-films, as well as bulk properties of materials.


The Harmonic F1x® utilizes Second Harmonic Generation to characterize layer thickness, electrically active impurities, structural defects, interface roughness and trapped charge density.

The resulting maps provide measurement of global uniformity and detection of localized defects. By design, Harmonic F1x® technology offers great flexibility and accommodates a wide range of materials and processes.


We are pleased to announce our new exclusive South Korean sales representative, AhTECH LTS Co. LTD.

For South Korean sales inquiries, please visit their website at http://ahtech.co.kr/ .

We will be presenting at the following conferences:

SEMICON Korea 2016
Jan 27th–29th, 2016

Presentation Title: Rapid Non-destructive Characterization of Trap Densities and Layer Thicknesses in HfO2 Gate Materials Using Optical Second Harmonic Generation

Please email us to schedule a meeting: info@femtometrix.com

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